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Man reading a magazine article entitled, “The Entrepreneur's Guide to Success and Business Growth According to Branson”.

I’ve started a newsletter! I’m going to share articles, videos, discussions, pieces of research or other interesting insights from around the Internet.

Furthermore, I aim to advocate the use of a lazy approach at work to help achieve a better balance with personal life. This is called productive laziness. This isn’t the kind of laziness that leads to wasting time or slacking off, but one that seeks creative solutions to achieve something with the least amount of effort.

It is my hope that the Lazy Leader blog will give you a head start at the various stages in your career, so you may focus on what really matters to you. I would like to share my knowledge with the next generation of leaders, to help you get ahead and work smarter to live better.

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So join me on your leadership journey and learn what it really means to be lazy!

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