3 Essential Project Management Skills You Need to Succeed

Plan using Post-It notes.

This is the Lazy Leader’s take on the top 3 project management skills needed to keep projects under control. Read about the importance of stakeholder management, project controls, and risk management.

What’s more, these are the principal project management themes you are likely to read about at The Lazy Leader.

In short, this post covers stakeholder management, managing risks, and project planning and control. Why do I think these are the most important skills? To see why, we first need to understand why projects fail.

Business projects often fail as a consequence of the following causes:

  1. an inconsistent approach to project management, leading to confusion over what the project achieves,
  2. immature project management maturity, resulting in a lack of direction or poor decision-making, and
  3. failing to employ appropriate expertise in projects, resulting in products that are not fit for purpose or incur additional expense to correct or replace.

A project doesn't fail to deliver the benefits simply because it is difficult and challenging. Rather, it’s because of a failure to apply project management best practice. When organizations utilize the following 3 essential project management skills, successful project delivery is more likely.

Stakeholder Management

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