4 Reasons Why Project Planning Is Essential

Athlete starting a sprint from the starting blocks on running track.

The project planning process is holistic and encompassing. This post describes the process using a simple and easy to remember mnemonic.

The project planning process is holistic and encompassing. It is at the heart of project benefit viability.

What’s more, project planning is a great way to bring the project team together.

Be Prepared: Be Ready, Willing and Able

Here are 4 reasons why project planning is essential. The effort put into project planning can make or break a project, so we wish to share a useful mnemonic for remembering the project planning process:

prêt Adj. Disposé, en état de. Synonym bon Anglais ready

The  project planning process should follow a particular sequence. It is …


The identification of the project’s products — the product breakdown structure.


Listing the resources needed to deliver each product.


Calculating the effort and costs associated with each product.


Setting time-scales for the project.

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