Delivering Projects—10 Vital Ways to Business Success

Delivering Projects—10 Vital Ways to Business Success

Most people will say that a project is a temporary management setting needed to deliver some unique benefit to the business. And, project management is the governance—the principles, processes, and tools—which is used when delivering projects.

But what does this really mean? And, of greater importance, how does project management result in business success?

To me, the Lazy Leader, most project management definitions seem somewhat simplistic. Or even confusing.

Business Success Through Projects

The focus of project management is almost always on what is temporary. Yet, this is a fallacy. Delivering projects—delivering business success—needs something far more permanent.

Projects need to be nurtured

For businesses to thrive, they need a suitable environment. The same holds true for projects. They need to be cared for and nurtured.

Projects need the right surroundings. With the wrong setting, projects are most likely to fail. There is less chance of success, and greater pressure on the project manager, who is likely to be held accountable for any perceived failure.

How does your business measure up?

How prepared is your business to start a project? Now that’s a question!

You may say, “I have a great project manager.” Or, “We use the [fill in the gap] project management methodology.” But you’d be forgetting there is more to managing projects than project managers and a clearly defined approach to project management.

10 Vital Ways to Business Success

So, how do we make business success more probable? No one can guarantee successful project delivery, but the chances of succeeding are greatly increased when organizations have these 10 vital things.

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