How to Make Good Ideas Happen—These 5 Sure-Fire Ways

How to Make Good Ideas Happen—These 5 Sure-Fire Ways

What is a good idea? A good idea to some can be a bad idea to other people.

But an excellent idea is one that happens! Here’s why…

Good Ideas Need to Be Used

The tag line on my business card is this:

I find simple solutions to complex business problems.

Expressed differently, I produce ideas. Hopefully, good business ideas!

But that doesn’t mean they are unique or clever.

Good business ideas don’t have to be distinctive. They don’t need to be complicated.

But a good idea must solve a problem.

A good idea has to be used.

And if we don’t use an idea, it serves no purpose. It is a waste of time and energy. In fact, a bad idea put to use is better than a good idea unfulfilled.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

From time to time, I work with people who have plenty of ideas. They fastidiously work on them. They produce reports, strategies, and discussion papers and gain senior buy-in. Not only that, they promise much.

But they never produce good business ideas because they deliver nothing tangible. They never put their ideas to use.

Nothing happens.

And here’s the rub… weak leaders who invest time and money on ideas that yield nothing create a collective or corporate denial. And too often those in positions of authority play along with the pretence.

Their need for recognition and praise strengthens the deception.

Ultimately, their insecurity hurts the business because they divert resources towards the wrong outcome.

How to Make Good Ideas Happen

So let your senses tell you what is happening. The lazy leader will take courage and is prepared to challenge authority and speak the truth.

So, do these things:

  1. Always focus on achieving corporate goals
  2. Think about the possibilities rather than the limitations
  3. Never seek perfection because incomplete solutions allow forward movement
  4. Be open to feedback and suggestions
  5. Start, even if you don’t know how to finish

Good business ideas have to be applied before they are recognized as good ideas.

Yes, good business ideas need creativity. But it is the doing that transforms an idea into reality.

How do you make sure good ideas happen? You are welcome to tell us about your experiences in the comments.

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