What makes a good project manager? What makes a great project leader? In this post, the Lazy Leader shares what he believes are four essential hallmarks of a project leader, and introduces some critical skills, thinking and behaviours for leading projects.

Now, before I begin, I think it is important to characterize the project leader and project manager.


Because change is the province of leadership, and projects are a means of change.

By and large it is our failures that civilise us. Our successes merely confirm our bad habits. – Clive James

Managing business change is tough. It's tough because change is about people. Some people will support the project manager whereas others  will actively sabotage their endeavours.

Inevitably, things won't go to plan and tensions will rise. People start to question outcomes or behave unpredictably. Barriers go up and people pass blame. The only certainty is no one can be relied upon to keep their integrity.

This is the territory in which the project manager operates. And, it is the project manager who has to hold things together and negotiate through the conflict.

This calls for leadership. While good planning and a good project schedule help, it is project leadership that creates the right conditions for success.

So, let's take a look at four essential hallmarks of the project leader.

The Art and Practise of Learning

Do you learn? And, I don't mean, do you learn from mistakes? Although I agree, this is important.

No, I'm asking: Are you open to continually learning?

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