Does Your Business Make These Three Common Mistakes When Motivating People?

Wrong way.

I started writing with the premise that leadership is about producing more leaders, not more followers. So, I thought it worthwhile to look at three common mistakes businesses make when motivating people.

You see, many organizations are contradictory. On the one hand, businesses like the notion that people work because they need accomplishment. They set up developmental systems that support learning and encourage people to innovate.

And on the other hand, the business uses the heavy hand of standard operating procedures to reward and punish. They aim to encourage people not to make mistakes.

Do you see the problem?

3 Common Mistakes When Motivating People

We encourage people to make decisions, take risks, and come up with new ideas. And then we penalize them for making mistakes or not following some procedure or policy that was written for a different time or set of circumstances.

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