How to Stay Blameless and Avoid Taking Risks 😜

How to Stay Blameless and Avoid Taking Risks 😜

In this post, the Lazy Leader explains why transparency is the first step towards leadership accountability. Take responsibility for your actions or play it safe. You decide.

Who is to blame? And, who makes the bad decisions? I’m sure you’ll be one of the first to hear about something going well. There’s usually no shortage of people taking ownership and credit for those decisions that turn out pretty good.

But, who makes the bad decisions?

The Truth About Bad Decisions

Who is to blame? I bet you don’t know. Or, if you do, you keep quiet, unless it was someone who left a couple of months ago.

The truth about blame is this. Okay, please bear with me… it’s not easy being the whistleblower or sharing closely guarded corporate secrets. So, I trust you appreciate my going out on a limb for you.

Here goes…

It’s them!

What? Do you want more? Okay, let me put this another way. In your business, who exactly does these things:

  • Sets the vision for the future?
  • Organizes all those business initiatives?
  • Owns the business change project that’s going badly?
  • Hires all those highly paid consultants?
  • Writes the business process manual or comes up with a new HR policy?
  • Decides to restructure?
  • Implements the latest IT system?

It’s them. And, they’re the ones who take the blame when things go wrong. They are responsible for everything and anything that goes wrong.

When something is unpopular, you can be sure they’re behind it. If the latest project is a disaster, you can be certain they did it.

It’s always them!

How to Stay Blameless

You’ve probably noticed how often they take the rap. How often they take the blame.

But, you don’t have to. No, you can lead a blameless and risk-free life if you like. All you need to do is this:

Don’t ask questions, don’t take ownership of anything, don’t give an opinion, and blame others.

If you do these simple things, you’ll be okay. You’ll have a simple, risk-free, and blameless life, and, if you want to spice things up from time-to-time, you can always start a little gossip and spread around some negativity.

Leadership Accountability

Of course, there is a small price to pay: you’ll slowly but surely lose trust and create a culture where no one is accountable for anything.

Whatever your leadership position, transparency—honesty and opennes—is the first step towards accountability.

How do you think your remarks affect the people in your team? You are welcome to share your thoughts in the comments.

Image: Transparency is the first step towards accountability” by Open Knowledge Foundation, used under CC BY 2.0.

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