Leadership Attitudes: There Is No Right Point of View

Leadership Attitudes: There Is No Right Point of View

There is no right point of view. There is my point of view. And there is your point of view. Learn how attitudes help define how we see situations.

Most of us like a person who comes right out and say what they think, especially when he thinks what we think.

No Right Point of View

There is a popular point of view. A point of view many of us share. Then there is the minority point of view. And a point of view only a few people share.

But there is no right point of view.

We are always right. We are always wrong. It all depends on how you look at things.

You see, it is the people with a small or personal point of view who want to make a difference that make advances in every conceivable discipline.

We don’t see things as they are but rather as we are. – Anaïs Nin

Leadership Attitudes

Leadership starts with a self awareness. When someone shares their point of view, how do you respond?

Do you agree or disagree? What are your attitudes, feelings, thoughts, and actions? And more to the point, what does this say about you?

Attitudes help us define how we see situations.

Our attitudes cause us to behave in a particular way toward people and teams. Although our beliefs and feelings are internal, our attitudes are not. They convey our inner self.

So, next time someone shares their point of view, do you take notice, or do you exert power over a situation? Are you intent on getting your point of view across or doing the right thing for the business?

In a world of growing complexity leaders are increasingly dependent on their [team] for good information, whether the leaders want to hear it or not. Followers who tell the truth and leaders who listen to it are an unbeatable combination. – Warren Bennis

The lazy leader takes notice and listens to the team, valuing their point of view. Just because you're a manager doesn't mean you're good at everything, so recognizing the value of alternatives is an essential leadership skill you should grow.

How do you think a different point of view helps innovation? What do you do when someone disagrees with you? You are welcome to share your thoughts in the comments.

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