The Lazy Leader’s 5 Steps to Employee Satisfaction

Two colleagues, with cheerful facial expressions, engaged in a task.

In this post, Rebecca Lundin shares 5 simple steps a leader can use to improve employee satisfaction.

Getting a regular pulse of how employees are doing is a struggle for many companies.

As a leader, we’re painted different pictures depending on whom we speak with. And there are usually two sides to every story, right?

In today’s fast-paced world, there is also a myriad of things happening at work. Each day we make, communicate, and act upon (or not) a ton of decisions. We need to thrive in constant change.

Using data to get a people KPI (key performance indicator), it’s easier for leaders to move forward in the right direction. How does employee satisfaction vary, as you go along?

A Simple 5-Step Approach

  1. Continuously gauge employee satisfaction
  2. Open the conversations
  3. Act to solve issues
  4. Check the impact
  5. Repeat!
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