9 Vital Ways to Inspire and Motivate Teams

9 Vital Ways to Inspire and Motivate Teams

Motivating employees isn’t rocket science. But it’s not about spinning stories, either. Honesty and tact are two leadership skills needed to inspire the team. Keep reading, and I’ll share 9 vital ways to inspire and motivate teams.

To get results, lazy leaders must inspire and motivate teams. But how do you do that?

Let me be clear. Your style of leadership affects both team and individual performance and the degree of engagement you earn.

So, how do you get the best from the team?

Stick with me and I’ll tell you. And, if you hadn’t guessed, it’s so much more about the carrot than the stick!

Appreciation is thanking, recognition is seeing, and encouragement is bringing hope for the future.

Job satisfaction doesn’t have to be about financial reward. Indeed, most people would say that being happy with their work starts when they know they are a valued part of the team.

That’s what gives  job satisfaction. It’s about being appreciated and receiving constructive feedback on performance.

So, keep reading, and I’ll share 9 vital ways to inspire and motivate teams the Lazy Leader way. Learn new ways in which to inspire the team, so individual team members stay motivated and engaged. Remember, it’s all too easy to forget to encourage and reward the team for the good work they do. Failing to do so, and you fail to keep the team motivated and ultimately create more work for yourself!

Motivation calls for common sense, so read on and see how well you fare at inspiring and motivating teams.

A leader shapes and shares a vision which gives point to the work of others – Charles Handy

Here are 9 vital ways to inspire and motivate teams.

Keep Your Promises

If you make promises, keep them! For example, if you say you’re going to do something about pay or working conditions, make sure you do. Every so often, you may not have the positional power or authority to influence outcomes.

So, make sure you don’t paint yourself into a corner you can’t get out of and avoid losing face and credibility.

Don’t Be a Bear

Do not coerce employees and demand the unreasonable. Clever and lazy leaders don’t bully and don’t micromanage! Rather, they are brave, and generous with the trust they have in others.

To grow the team, you have to let them grow and mature in their judgement and skills. So, take pleasure in letting go and remember that when someone working for you does an impressive job, you shine too!

Rules Are For Bending

Rules are for breaking! Well, sort of. Set clear standards and stick to them fairly, but don’t be overzealous about upholding them. Allow room to manoeuvre and give the team plenty of opportunity to challenge and change the current conditions.

Remember, what worked yesterday may not be right for today. Don't let bureaucracy stifle innovation and progress.

Challenge Them

Most people think they do a good job. Indeed, most people come to work with the belief they are doing a good job. But routine leads to bad habits, complacency, and indolence. This is stupid laziness. What should you do? Simple. Challenge them. Help them to grow and learn, and find another easy way.

Don't Settle For Mediocrity

Following in the same vein, don’t settle for average. Productive laziness is not about half-hearted efforts; it's about craftsmanship.

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