A Sure-Fire Way of Building Relationships That Work

A Sure-Fire Way of Building Relationships That Work

The workplace is built on relationships. Yet, building relationships at work is often neglected. Especially by those in positions of leadership and authority.

Let’s be honest, how often are you frustrated with work? Do people thwart your efforts? Is progress slow?

Building Relationships At Work

When we work together, we make choices. We may choose to work together, or we may choose to build mutually beneficial relationships.

But these choices are not the same. Indeed, the former does not guarantee success because those we work with may have a mindset that actively sabotages our relationships at work.

It is the quality of the relationship that counts.

You cannot sink someone else’s end of the boat and still keep your own afloat. – Charles Bower

So, what makes some organizations more successful than others?

According to Carl Zaiss, author of True Partnership: Revolutionary Thinking About Relating to Others, the main reason people don’t do more at work or in the home is that they don’t focus on the quality of their relationships.

We seem to spend too much time fighting immovable obstacles—other people—and accept this as normal behaviour. And, we leave work frustrated, knowing we could be more productive.

Building Relationships That Work

Partnership is a state of mind, not a type of relationship.

Successful partnerships create highly effective relationships and are capable of resolving issues and making progress.

But, there is no secret formula. Partnerships succeed because they are human relationships. It is our mindset, values, and behaviours that count.

Next time you find yourself building relationships at work—or rekindling those you already have—put aside your position and power and the office politics, and consider the partnership perspective. Doing this will shape the quality and effectiveness of your relationships.

Think how much more you can accomplish!

What kind of organization do you work for? How do you make sure relationships work? You are welcome to share your experience in the comments.

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