Is Multitasking a Myth? Or Is It Better to Focus on One Task At a Time?

Jul 11, 2021 3 min read
Is Multitasking a Myth? Or Is It Better to Focus on One Task At a Time?

In this post, the Lazy Leader takes a look at multitasking and concludes that staying focused is needed to get things done.

The women in my life—my wife and daughter—sometimes go to great lengths to convince me that they are better at multitasking than men.

I usually agree. 😜

That is, when they have my attention.

The thing is this, when I’m concentrating on something, I usually give it 100% of my attention and block interruptions. This is when I’m most effective. It’s when I’m focused, and when I’m in the present.

The Multitasking Myth

In contrast, some people seem to rush from one activity to another. They never take a break, they eat on the move, and use the phone during meetings. They think they do more because they attempt two or more unrelated activities at the same time.

But are they effective? Is multitasking beneficial? Can you truly accomplish more multitasking?

Well, of course, they’re not. How can they be? They split their attention between tasks. In fact, multitasking is proven to be a good way to do several things badly.

This is the multitasking myth, and I see this almost every day in meetings. People pretend to be interested in the agenda when their concentration is elsewhere. They use a smartphone or laptop to read email.

Their focus is either on the discussion or the email. Not both. Not effectively.

Stay Focused

When we attempt to do more than one thing at a time, we diminish ourselves, our focus and the impact we have on the task at hand. Kevin Stirtz explains:

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