Are You a Transformational Leader?—Take the Test

Are You a Transformational Leader?—Take the Test

Transformational Leadership is about transforming the business and changing the organization’s culture. Take our test to see if you are a transformational leader.

Transformational Leadership is about transforming the business and changing the organization’s culture.

Take our test and see how high you score.

Transforming Leadership

Our key to transforming anything lies in our ability to reframe it. – Marianne Williamson

The transformational leader is someone who has vision and turns creative ideas into action.

What’s more, the transformational leader has a positive unifying effect on people, which results in better outcomes for employees, teams, and the business.

But what makes a transformational leader? And what differentiates transformational leadership from transactional leadership?

The transformational leader

The transformational leader is interested in the individual and the team. They aim to see everyone reach their full potential.

And to achieve this, the transforming leader sets themselves apart from transactional leaders. Transforming leaders transform the business, function or team, and change the organization’s habits and culture for good.

Are You a Transformational Leader?

The transformational leader has the following leadership qualities. How many of these qualities do you have?

Do you have integrity?

The transformational leader is honest, open, and consistent. They are a leadership role model.

Are you concerned for others?

Transformational leaders show genuine concern for their teams. They listen, and they encourage. The transforming leader helps everyone through periods of change.

How do you influence stakeholders?

Transformational leaders are sensitive to the needs and aspirations of stakeholders. They also have good political skills and engage stakeholders to create a platform for change.

Do you lead with vision?

Transformational leaders have imagination. They know how to turn ideas into vision. And, they encourage others to fashion the vision and make it reality.

How do you develop leadership potential in others?

Transformational leaders empower action. They delegate responsibility and develop leadership potential in others.

Do you make yourself available?

Transformational leaders make themselves available to the team. They are approachable, accessible, and sensitive to others. They listen with presence.

Can you make effective decisions?

The transformational leader is decisive. They are confident, resilient, and determined to get the right results.

How often do you include others when making decisions?

Transformational leaders involve others in decision-making. They know that uncertainty is counterproductive, and make it clear where there are boundaries.

Do you inspire strategic thinking

The transformational leader encourages critical and strategic thinking. They accept ambiguity and uncertainty, and still press on to make change happen.

Are you versatile?

Transformational leaders are versatile. The transforming leader understands the issues and the goal, and will take the uncharted route when needed to make change happen.

Can you manage change with skill?

The transformational leader manages business change with sensitivity and skill. They get to the heart of change and know how to make change happen.

Do you take risks?

Transformational leaders take risks. They show entrepreneurial flare, and they understand that making mistakes is uniquely human and how we learn. Every mistake gets us closer to making change happen.

I believe that entrepreneurs play an unmatched role and the accelerating pace of innovation is transforming the face of global challenges. You must think about the solution differently when you’re trying to impact 1 billion people rather than affecting 1 million people. – Naveen Jain

How do you score yourself as a transformational leader?

How well does your team or business do? Are there any patterns or trends? What would you change? You are welcome to tell us about your experiences in the comments.

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