Do You Recognize These 10 Essential Team Behaviours?

On a blackboard is the handwritten text, “Essential”, and a heart.

In this article, I share 10 characteristics of a high-performing team. However, these team behaviours don't come by chance, but are the consequence of team building.

In 5 Steps to Forming a Team, I wrote about a new job and building a new team. After periods of conflict and polarization have passed, we begin to see some essential team behaviours emerge.

Stick with me and I will share 10 essential behaviours of a high-performance team.

10 Characteristics of a High-Performance Team

How fortunate I am to be surrounded by a great team. Here are the essential team behaviours I see when team cohesion is strong:

Awareness: understanding the big picture

Seeing what’s around us is important. But situational awareness—understanding the bigger picture—is even more significant, since it leads to better decision-making. Understand this. Understand the overall aims and interests of the business.

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