Don't Panic!—How to Lead In a Crisis

Don't Panic!—How to Lead In a Crisis

A crisis will happen in almost every business at some time. And, in this short guide, we share 8 critical ways to lead in a crisis.

Every business experiences a crisis at some time. The unexpected can cause fear and anger, and give rise to anxiety in those responsible for solving the problem and leading others through the chaos.

If you take the lead in a crisis, don’t panic!

8 Critical Ways to Lead In a Crisis

No doubt, your boss, and team expect you to put aside your fears and stay calm during a crisis. But how do you lead with confidence and find effective solutions quickly?

Many people let their feelings get the better of them in stressful times. They may become anxious, alarmed or even paralysed by fear. Some dismiss the crisis and put their head-in-the-sand.

But, ignoring your feelings or letting them control your behaviour is probably the worst thing a leader can do.

Knowing how the environment is pulling your strings and playing you is critical to making responsive rather than reactive moves. – Ronald Heifetz

Instead, lazy leaders…

Acknowledge feelings

But manage them, so they can resolve the problem quickly. Leaders must have strategies in place to calmly lead teams in a crisis.

Remember past obstacles overcome

At some time in our lives we all face a crisis that has serious consequences for the business, its customers and employees. When faced with such crises, lazy leaders draw from previous experiences and remember how they overcame past problems. So, give yourself some needed encouragement: You can do it!

Be emotionally detached from the problem

Lazy leaders step off the dance floor onto the balcony. A lazy leader needs to understand the problem before finding the solution. So, they step out of the furore and learn what is going on.

Decisive and act quickly

We often use the term fire-fighting to describe our reaction to unplanned or unexpected events. In truth, this is misleading. Firefighters—or any emergency service for that matter—are well drilled and know exactly what to do in a crisis. Lazy leaders know this and are prepared. They focus on what needs to be done and get on with it; directing teams and taking firm control of the situation.

Exude confidence

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