How to Gain Team Loyalty, Commitment, and Trust—These 4 Vital Ways

How to Gain Team Loyalty, Commitment, and Trust—These 4 Vital Ways

Want to build a high-performance team, and go from good to unstoppable? Start with loyalty first.

Of course, you’ll need to put in place the basics of team management: setting objectives, organizing people, motivating and communicating, measuring performance and developing people. Then, be a true leader by shaping the team and creating a unique identity.

Why? Because teams only perform at their best when they want to.

Teams must choose to give their best.

Team Building and Loyalty

Every so often, the team leader may offer encouragement or compel the team to do something. However, team building ultimately comes back to choice.

To make this choice, the team must identify closely with the team vision, values, and culture.

Team building starts when people identify with the team. How well people connect with the team determines how well the team bonds.

A sense of loyalty is powerful and crucial in shaping the team. Creating this bond moves a team from good to unstoppable. And from loyalty comes a sense of purpose.

This is needed to build the high-performance team.

Trust and Commitment

What’s more, loyalty rises above politics and blame. With loyalty, the team can do anything. The team is open to learn and open to learn from mistakes.

People in high-performance teams care for one another. They learn to rely on each other because they trust each other and have a shared commitment for success.

4 Hallmarks of Successful Team Building

At the heart of loyalty, trust, and commitment is leadership. Team building is the responsibility of the team leader, so start by creating a culture that values all.

Remember, we earn trust and commitment, so do these things to inspire loyalty in the team.

Encourage open, blame free discussion

The lazy leader gets to know the team. Bring the team together for a common cause and encourage open, honest and blame free discussion.

So, ask questions. Listen actively, and allow the team to express reservations and opinions. This is the natural process of braking down barriers and building trust.

Consult widely and talk things over

Shape team values through involvement and dialogue. Draw from everyone’s experience, and ask more questions: What do you think? And, let the team decide.

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