The Lazy Leader's Guide to Setting Priorities for Living

The Lazy Leader's Guide to Setting Priorities for Living

Setting priorities reminds us of what we hold most dear and helps us get back on track when things go awry.

Recently, I wrote about life balance and setting the right priorities for life. Today I share the advantages of setting priorities. Knowing your priorities is empowering: Our heath, well-being, focus, and enthusiasm benefit.

Setting Priorities

The Lazy Leader's personal priorities are

  1. Self
  2. Family
  3. Work
  4. Friends
  5. Everything else

Here's why…


Putting yourself first may seem selfish. But it’s not. To get the right life balance, we need to be our best. If not, we place our relationships under unnecessary strain, or we neglect our health, and our performance falls below par. If we can’t take care of ourselves, how can we take care of anyone else? So, attend to your needs first.

When I’m busy and neglect my health, I’m more likely to be sick. I’m no use to my family or my employer or me. If I don’t get sufficient sleep, I get grumpy and no one wants me around. We are better placed to serve others when we feel great.


What is most important to you? The single most important focus in my life is my family. I draw strength from those I love. They are the ones that share my triumphs and successes. When things don’t work out, they are there to pick up the pieces.

My family understands that there are times when I get absorbed by my work. This is okay for short periods. But we need each other. We need quality time together to share our thoughts and feelings, our dreams, our fears, and our plans for the future. Meal times are not enough. We must make time to spend together as a family, plus time alone with each other.


After family, my next priority is work. Without work, we could not achieve our goals or do the things we enjoy.

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