10 Ways to Beat Stress at Work—A Daily Checklist

Suited gentleman, hands on forehead, chest deep in a foaming sea.

How do you beat stress? I don’t know … I don’t know because the way we deal with stress is a deeply personal thing. We all have different coping mechanisms. We all do things different.

But what I do know is that stress can creep up on us and have a devastating effect on our personal and professional life.

Stress at Work

Stress cannot be ignored or shrugged off as part of the job. And, for those managers who think stress is healthy, you’re wrong! Stress affects how people feel, think and behave, as well as how their body works.

Intense or prolonged stress increases the risk of health problems and absenteeism. It also causes people to feel distrust, anger, anxiety or fear, which all can severely damage relationships at work. As I say, if you think this is conducive of a healthy workforce… you’re an idiot!

Stress is no good in any shape or form. And, intense stress is not the same as pressure, but undue or constant pressure can turn into stress.

Effective leaders need to understand this.

They also need to understand that everyone is unique and everyone deals with stress differently. So, never judge people from your perspective. While some situations may be motivating to you, they could be stressful to someone else.

Rather, you should provide support and leadership. Help to remove the causes of stress or give people valuable breathing space, so they can deal with stress themselves.

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